Weather, Climate & Seasons of Ha Giang

The weather and climate in Ha Giang is forgiving enough that it is possible to travel here and enjoy your time at any time of year. However, there are two main seasons: The rainy season runs from mid-September to early May and the dry season from early May to mid-September, though in certain areas the rainy season can set in as much as a month earlier, in mid-August.

Ha Giang Winter

The climate varies greatly depending on the altitude, but in general September-November and March-May has the most comfortable temperatures, averaging in the mid 20’s Celsius. The summer months can get very hot and humid, especially low in the valleys, with temperatures commonly going above 30 degrees. The winter months of December to February are in contrast rather cold, sometimes on rare occasion even bringing light snow, so those visiting in these months are recommended to bring good and warm clothing.

The months of October and November should be avoided for those looking for the most off the beaten track experience possible, as this is the high season for domestic Vietnamese tourists, which means there will be far more people around and things like accommodation and tours can be more expensive or sold out.

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